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Tell us about what you make. Where do you make it?
I make a wide variety of things in different disciplines. Recently I made a loom and a rope maker. Before that it was a cigar box guitar, and a xylophone.  I dabble in welding and blacksmithing, and I have extensive experience in electronics and robotics.  My most recent project has been stained glass.


How did you get started making?
I have always been a maker. From as far back as I can remember I was taking things apart and occasionally, put them back together.  When I was young my dad brought home a truckload of bike parts and my brother and I spent the summer building bikes.  I ended up going to Montana State University for an Electrical Engineering degree, so that cemented my making career.


What drives you to make?
I like to solve problems and love learning new skills so it is a natural progression.  Recently I have been focused on making with my two daughters.  We built a wagon out of pallet wood, and old steel wheels, and made a pixel art stained glass creeper from Minecraft.


Advice for aspiring makers?
Never stop learning and acquiring skills.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and fail, also not everything has to be practical sometimes whimsy is a good enough reason.  You don’t need exotic materials and expensive tools to make interesting things.  You can start out with duct tape and cardboard, having limitations can lead to interesting problem solving.

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